Stylish Designs your Wardrobe Must HAve this Season

Looking perfectly put-together has become important for this generation’s man, but we often see that most men like to stick to their old pieces even when they fall out of style. While old is gold and fashion always returns, you need to keep adding the latest to really put your best foot forward! So, it’s time you take yourself from smart to handsome because we’re here to be your style expert yet again!

With the onset of every season, we set out on a journey to explore fashion in the best way. And this time, we found out and jotted down a list of essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man this season.

  1. An Oxford Shirt

This one’s the piece that keeps showing up on the fashion runways under various designs of suits and blazers every now and then. And the best part, it looks effortlessly stylish on almost everyone! When can you wear an Oxford shirt? While these shirts are both for casual and formal looks, this season it’s best to keep it casual. The most-rated look? An Oxford shirt, pair of denim and a bomber jacket.

  1. A Bomber Jacket

And how could we miss the bomber jacket when the most-rated look calls for this one too! The slightly slouchy yet defined silhouette of the bomber jacket makes it an essential for all body types.  In fact, the jacket has a cult following already amongst the stars. From Eddie Redmayne to Nicholas Hoult, every celeb is donning one, making it the outwear of choice for every trendsetter!

  1. A Marl Woven Sweater

The marl fabric’s seems to have become top notch designer’s favourite pick this season. A grey yarn mixed with a white one or a blue yarn mixed with a yellow, creators around the world has been lately experimenting with colours to create unique mark fabrics. And boy, they do look a class apart! While grey marl works wonders to create a formal ensemble with whites and blacks, the colourful ones are just the right choice for a jazzy look.

  1. A Trenchcoat

Inspired and taken from the military in the early 20s, the trenchcoat still continues to be a perennial piece in the fashion world. Ask us and we’ll bet that the design has been a part of every stylish man’s wardrobe. When can you wear it? No, not only when it pours! The trench coat can also be best worn during autumn and winter. Carry it over a dress or with a shirt and trousers, the classiness it oozes makes it great for any semi-formal occasion.

  1. A pair of Cropped Chinos

Gone are the days when the hem almost touched the floor! This season, a cropped chino is a must in your wardrobe to play it cool. A hack? Wearing no socks or a pair of seamless socks lets you go shorter! But if you’re one of those who can’t do without a good old pair of socks, make sure the hem touches your ankle.

So, here was the list of all the essentials you must, must, MUST own this season! Now, by the time we bring to you the next style lesson, have a good time making a checklist of these essentials, ticking all the boxes and finally building that perfect wardrobe!