Inside the Stitching Room: A Tread Towards the Thread

While admiring the ultra-fancy designer sketches which are illustrated beautifully on paper, one often tends to overlook a whole lot of hard work that goes out after these sketches are made. The cutting, sewing, stitching, finishing is something you might be aware of! But, have you ever wondered about the colour of the thread that’s used in your garment?

Although we all look at the style, fit, fabric of the garment, no one ever thinks of something as minute as the colour of the thread! But here’s why it is important: because it does make a lot of difference to the complete garment.

Imagine a three-piece well-designed, perfectly cut, slim-fit black suit. Sounds perfect to wear for the next black tie event? Now, what if the stitching on the same suit was done using a white thread? The garment would no longer look the same!

Since we love to give you the best details (and detailing, of course!), we went inside and explored our stitching room to show you how the colour selection of threads are done!

The Visit

Sketches were shortlisted. The fabrics were carefully selected and procured. And then came the stitching. The master kept matching two almost-similar-to-the-normal-eye shades of blue colour for a fabric that was lying in front. With a plethora of threads kept beside him, he kept picking and deciding the perfect matching colour for all his fabrics one by one. Flattered by the master’s skills, we left the room wondering about the kind of effort that’s made every day to just decide the colour of the thread on the garment.

Another day, after spending a few more hours with our manufacturing expert, we got to know something that left us open-mouthed – ‘the thread should have good colour fastness’ she said. ‘So that it is immune to the different agents it is exposed to during manufacture and washes’ she continued as we kept gaping. In fact, we got to learn that the colour is not the only criteria for threads! For a good quality sewing thread, it is important for it to have a uniform thickness, good elasticity, low shrinkage, more durability and so on! One can’t even think of the number of requirements and quality approvals something as minute as a thread need.

Here was the lowdown on the thread colour! If you’d noticed this already, hats off to you for your keen observation. And even if you hadn’t, we hope our information was useful so you pick the best piece for yourself the next time!